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Engine ON provides the bridge between our client’s vernacular and the public’s awareness and understanding, helping our clients own the narrative of their expertise.  


 We work to create a world in which our skills and talents are the measures by which we are judged; where the voices in every industry are diverse and engaged; and where the companies that make the world a better place for all are given the support they need from the audiences they seek.


We bring authentic, meaningful engagement to the public  on behalf of our clients, who work to make the world a better place.  

public and private partnerships

Amy B. Fox, Co-Founder

Amy helps clients create strategies with a complex set of variables. She is expert at building great teams and creating synergies for private and public partnerships and initiatives. Clients can lean into her skill set when there is a "heavy lift" or an immediate deadline. Her educational and communications work has been honored by the Illinois House of Representatives, endorsed by the Florida Surgeon General, integrated within USDA programs, and showcased in a variety of media outlets including NPR and Time Magazine for Kids. She creates, implements, and manages a multitude of corporate and community initiatives and public/private partnerships within healthcare, higher education, veteran programs, agriculture, and K-16 STEM education. She works with a variety of disciplines and settings with Fortune 1000 clients: universities, hospitals, community-based groups national organizations, and state governments.

Carol Summerfield, Co-Founder

Carol Summerfield helps clients identify opportunities to expand their audience reach, improve their communication to disparate communities, and incorporate new technology cost-effectively, enhancing the client's narrative. Carol is an established writer and international speaker. She supports strategic changes for educationally-focused clients as they connect with their audiences. Carol works on bringing together the leading voices in museums, education, and cultural institutions to reach a wider audience.  


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