About Us

Amy Fox


Amy's approach is to work with a good idea and make it even better. She helps clients create strategies to connect in new and better ways with their audience, whether it involves business development, collaboration, new initiatives, or improved operational practices. Her experience with private and public partnerships spans work with small non-profits to large corporate campaigns, from creative direction to metrics and assessments.

Her work has been nominated for the Chicago Innovation Award, and honored by the Illinois House of Congress, the Florida Surgeon General, and utilized to build collaborative models to solve pressing social issues.

Carol Summerfield


Carol’s approach is to partner with clients to identify opportunities to expand their audience reach, engage and attract disparate communities, and incorporate new technology and unique spins on old school interactivity to enhance their narrative within their building or online. Her expertise in the museum space includes narrative planning, spatial concepting and design oversight, content development, and amplification of content through social media. For other clients, she designs and executes marketing campaigns, branding initiatives, and strategic changes to improve audience connections and brand awareness.  

Meredith Bratt


Meredith brings thirty years of design experience to her projects, working from initial conception through final execution. As a recognized muralist, Meredith’s visual approach is to build from the aesthetic goals of a space, i.e. brightness of color, airiness of the space, elegance or playfulness of the “voice”, etc. From that foundational set of design filters, she moves the client through the design modeling, working in collaboration with the content team to ensure their needs are met, while striving to create new and unique spaces in which the client’s mission, vision, and voice are resonant.  

About Us

Theresa Mezebish


Theresa Mezebish loves solving design puzzles both spatial and on paper. She is a typography nerd. She has been working as a graphic designer and creative designer for over 25 years with a BFA in Graphic Design from the Maine College of Art. She has extensive experience in spatial design that include working at the National Gallery of Art design department, Peerless Historical Society of Rockville, MD, designing and painting various theatrical sets, properties master, designing and painting the sets for Sherwood High School’s Rock –n- Roll Revival. Other experiences include, book and brochure design, logo and identity design, and photography.

Kaitlyn Harper, Intern


Kaitlyn is a Junior at James Madison University studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. Kaitlyn's achievement of making the President's List this past Spring displays her devotion to her education 

and future career. 

At Engine On, Kaitlyn works as a special projects intern. In this position, she is experienced in all aspects of interviewing, writing press releases, and performing research. 

At JMU, Kaitlyn volunteers her time as the Communications Chair of the Relay For Life Executive Board and mentors students in the school's Communication Center as a consultant. As a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America, she is eager to start her journey in the PR world and always looking for opportunities to learn. 


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